Opere iscritte al Premio Ora

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Brandin Barón

Place of birth: Bloomington
Date of birth: 05/06/1970
works and lives at San Francisco

Shakespearean critic William Hazlitt described Macbeth as an “… unruly chaos of strange and forbidden things, where the ground rocks under our feet”. The constant references to darkness and atmospheric dynamism in the play mirror power struggles and anxieties concerning our own national identity. The seven attached images are part of group of artworks, entitled Stars, Hide Your Fires (a textual fragment from the play). This series of paintings, photographs, assemblage and mixed media is abstractly inspired by of some of the pervasive themes of MacBeth: hyper-masculinity; the inevitable force of fortune; the glittering, glimmering magical world that exists beyond current existence; and the idealization and theatrical performance of acts of violence. 

Brandin Barón is a visual artist from San Francisco.  More examples of his work can be found at: