Opere iscritte al Premio Ora

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Yola Orlowska

Place of birth: Chelsea
Date of birth: 24/01/1965
works and lives at Farnborough

Like a peacock, London attracts.

The Capital epitomises many peoples’ idea of prosperity as it demands perfection and drives success.  It emanates wealth, it exudes culture and displays art of every form.  It attracts the creatives, artists and entrepreneurs who gravitate to the City of London wishing to propel themselves further along their chosen path.  

So many bring with them novel concepts and when they merge with the vast array of like-minded individuals, their combined ideas feed the insatiable hunger that is London.

Limited edition (edition limit of 30) on brushed aluminium


An embryo gives promise of a life to come, experiences to enjoy, light to share and a future to fulfil.  Like a myriad fibres, a life's passage through time takes it to many places but all of them rooted in the embryo's core, illuminated by its initial spark.

So too is the life of an artist, no two are the same, each a product of individual experience and appreciation, developing over time into a unique teller of tales by vision.  So if anyone were to ask, "Where did you begin?"  I would have to say, "Why here of course!"

Limited edition (edition limit of 30) on gallery grade canvas