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Lianne Milward

Place of birth: London
Date of birth: 15/09/1988
works and lives at London

For the last few years I have been investigating the disparity between our physical and our virtual lives.  It is my view that the present has become less important than the desire to be able to view ‘this present’ in the future; I use the metaphor of specimens in jars, museums and curation to delve into the effects of documentation in a digital world and how it results in barriers between us and those around us, including the very experiences we distance ourselves from whilst documenting them. 

I began using animation as a way to play with the ideas of documentation and time, and to make work that reflects the digital world. The pieces I am presenting all derive from a residency last year with Intercambiador ACART in Madrid. THe installation was shown as part of a end-of-residency show at the Nadie Nunca Nada No gallery in Madrid.