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Shinobu Terada

Place of birth: Toride-City
Date of birth: 25/01/2018
works and lives at Yokohama-City

Shinobu Terada was born in Toride City, Japan in 1972. He lives and works in Yokohama City. He has been interested in worn-out daily necessities, because he can feel their history. Inspired by his family background, he often uses medical gauze for his artwork to preserve old everyday items. His work mainly takes the form of sculpture, photography, and site-specific installations. In recent years, he has participated in a number of international residency programs, for example, AARK in Finland (2016), Hafnarborg Centre of Culture and Fine Art Museum in Iceland (2017). 

I began to develop my practice as an artist soon after graduating from Kuwasawa Design School in 1998.

My work mainly takes the form of sculpture and photography, but also site-specific installations.

Inspired by my father, who was a doctor (ophthalmologist), and my mother, who was a pharmacist, I often use medical gauze in my creative practice.

I think that everything in this world, not only humankind, but also the daily necessities around us, has a history and a spirit. For example, the damages and stains of things express the history of objects. And, if the person has precious memories related to these possessions, a direct link is made between the soul of the owner and the object.

I have been interested in old things, because I can feel their history.

When I see objects, especially daily necessities, I always imagine the stories they can tell. And I think about the people that have used them.

How were these objects used?

What memories do they contain?

As time goes by, various things in this world appear and disappear.

I wonder if the precious memories in our lives might disappear someday... Ultimately, my work is an attempt to preserve memories through the physical act of protecting things that are precious.