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Igal Permuth

Place of birth: Guatemala City
Date of birth: 28/12/1970
works and lives at Guatemala City

Within the fauna of archetypal bodies I developed my project of research-representation "The Forbidden Color". With this proposal I seek to unveil the constructions of codes and levels of consciousness, wounds, traces and fragments where a repertoire of languages is constructed.

These expressions question or endorse the Concept of prohibition, whether they are socio-political or socio-economical cultural elements. Childish symbols are important in the construction of my art pieces, since they are the reference, the elements of that moment in life, our childhood, where we build our beliefs and create our agreements with the world of codes with which we reaffirm our criteria.


2018- Máscaras, Rumores y otros Vuelos, Museo de Arte Moderno, Guatemala.

2018-Art Box Project New York 0.1

-2018 Simultaneous Worlds, 1001 Noches, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

-2017 Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

-2017 Intersticio Exhibition at Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia.

-2017 Giro Descolonial en el Arte, Teatro Rubén Darío, Managua, Nicaragua.

- 2017 Tránsfugas, Galerie Am Park, Vienna, Austria.

- 2017 Ingravidez, Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia.

- 2016, Group Exhibition: "I love you, I hate you, without you I cannot live", Two Points Space, Guatemala.

- 2016, Group Exhibition: "Linking Centuries", G & T Continental Foundation, Guatemala 2016.

- 2012, Solo show: "Plaqueada", National Palace of Culture.

- 2010, Solo show: "The Lioness of Two Worlds", 9.99 / Project.

- 2010, Solo show: "The Fair" within the framework of the festival Foto 30, Mansion Panza Verde.

- 2007, Group Exhibition: "Tarzán López", Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa, Santo Domingo Museum, La Antigua


- 2006, Group Exhibition: "Family Triptyc", Irving Arts Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.

- 2006, Group Exhibition: "CHANCE", in SOMARTS Main Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA.

- 2005, Group Exhibition: "Triptych of Family", House of the Cultural Center IGA.

- 2005, Group Exhibition: "Family Triptych", CCA, Abilene, Texas, USA.

- 2004, Group Exhibition: "Family Portrait", Spanish Cooperation, Antigua Guatemala, 2004.

- 2004, Group Exhibition, Mozart Gallery, Hotel Santo Domingo, 2004.

- 2003, Solo Show: "The Journey", Phoenix Gallery, Moscow, Russia. III Latin American Festival, Russian


- 2003, Solo Show: "The Journey" - Canton G & T Continental Exhibition.

- Solo Show: "The Journey" - Ermitage Theater, Moscow, federation. II Latin American Festival, Russian

Federation, 2002.

- Solo Show: "Art and photography", Museo Ixchel Guatemala, 2000.

- Solo show: "Art & Photography Igal Permuth", Borders Fine Art Photography, Coral Gables, June 2000.

-Solo show: "The Island", Gallery The Attic, 1999.