Opere iscritte al Premio Ora

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Guadalupe del Valle

Place of birth: Guatemala
Date of birth: 13/03/1960
works and lives at Guatemala City

The volcanoes are a shared metaphor for the little we know about our giants, some asleep, most stratovolcanoes like the Santo Tomás volcano, which is a dormant volcano although not as well known, is also part of the volcanic arc of Central America. 
Also, these volcanoes erupt to remind us that woodcutting is a language of graphics that nowadays is never used to represent nature, since fashion is large format painting and color, that is why I want to work with it our volcanoes, because it is a tribute to the oldest format of graphic arts whose origin dates back to the year 220 in China and the sixth and seventh centuries in Egypt. My proposal revives an ancient language and presents the fraternity that unites us in the world through the volcanic arc.

These volcanic engravings were recently selected to appear on the Chelsea mega screen in New York, by Art Box Project New York 0.1. I held until now eight solo exhibitions: Galería el Attico, (2017) El Forúm Gallery (1994 and 1998), El Túnel Gallery (1995 and 1996), Rafael Landívar University (1998), El Áttico Gallery with Alma Corps (2001) and El Sitio Gallery (2001) Exhibition of Color-Philia Watercolors. Additionally, I have participated in multiple group exhibitions, among which the 1996 Paiz Biennial, Convent of Capuchinas, El Túnel Gallery, El Sitio Gallery, Antigua Guatemala, Banco G and T Continental 2016 and the Sanchez and Guise Printing 2017 stand out.