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Serena Laborante

Place of birth: Genova
Date of birth: 02/11/1986
works and lives at Genova

I wish to create an invisible relationship that may connect viewers with my works through a sensitive and intelligible strong bond, organised by my artistic practice which is based on my interest about memory. When I talk about memory I mean personal memory, as well as memories in relation to the body. In terms of the body, my work alludes to the way we store up our memories in a philosophical and spiritual context
and how we do conserve the feelings related to memories and the memories themselves. Besides, I talk about collective memory which relates to religion and anthropology. By working carefully with an aesthetical process I am interested to highlight my own memory and the collective as well, paying particular attention to that which relates to the folk religion that often originates from pagan culture which is a paradigm for expressing the personal spiritual approach in a primitive context. On my work, this concept is displayed in images representing a rituality arising from collective memory and folk traditions, which then will be transformed in personal memory inside people in a cyclical way.

Born in Genoa (Italy), 1986
Studied set design at Fine Art Academy of Genoa, decoration at San Carlo School of Alessandria (Italy) and currently she’s studying Arts History and Conservation of Heritage at the University of Humanistic Sciences of Genoa. Currently she works for the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana Ufficio dei Beni Culturali e dell'Edilizia di Culto as art manager for the CLIALB 2 project. Between 2009 and 2010 she worked in Florence at the Opera Theatre of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and others Italian theatres as scenographer and technician sound/light and assistance director. In 2010 she studied the first year of Visual Art Master at Fine Art Academy of Genoa. Gained some artistic italian awards like Premio Arte C. Farioli and she achieved two international artistic residencies (Lithuania for the programme CREART, Sicily for the programme I-Art). She exhibited her works in many italian and international galleries (USA, UK, France) for solo and group shows. As public art she realised two outdoor installations in Lisbon and in Rodello (Italy). Her name is gathered within the publication of Dictionary of the ligurian artists. Painters, sculptors, potters, engravers, photographers from the XX and XXI century cured by Prof. Leo Lecci and Prof. Paola Valenti.

Group exhibition

2017 Chasing Ghosts, Verum Gallery, Portland OR (USA)
2017 Premio Nocivelli, Chiesa della Disciplina, Verolanuova (Italy)

2017 Testing, Catalyst  Arts Gallery, Belfast (UK)

2017 Fine Arts Exhibition, Decatur Arts Festival, Dalton Gallery Agnes Scott College, Decatur GA (U.S.A.)

2017 Reclaiming Earth, San Francisco Library’s Jewett Gallery, San Francisco CA (U.S.A.)

2016 The Man Who Bought Stonehenge and Other Stories, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath (UK)

2015 Lanterne Céleste, L’inattendue Gallery, Paris (France)

Permant Exhibition in Centres of Contemporary Art

Since 2016 at Ars et Mundus Centre of Contemporary Arts in Kaunas (Lithuania). Permanent exhibition of a piece from the series Milda
Since 2015 at C.o.C.A. Centre of Contemporary Arts in Modica (Italy). Permanent exhibition of the artwork Adesso e nell’ora