Opere iscritte al Premio Ora

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Place of birth: Washington, DC
Date of birth: 12/07/1951
works and lives at Central Point

Imge #1

SAN MATEO is a visual response to  a recent visit to that Northern California city during the spring; access to a working studio was appreciated though I did not have time during this business trip to take much advantage of it. I used that angst and sense of deprivation to create an homage of sorts to this beaurtiful community after months in gloomy quiet small community in Norther California; striking hard with graphite and pencils I softened my approach with an overlay of harmonious colors evoking perhaps the sun and sky then finally muting the effect as a possible refutation of my own emotional state, a combination of gratitude and anxiety. Mixed media on watercolor paper 19 x 24 inches. 2018

Image #2:

NOTHING IS CERTAIN Captures the risk, surprise and uncetainty I personally experience upon revisiting the confrontation of the dissonance of creation, expectation and discovery uncovering the layers of the concrete gift revealed if there exists a certain generosity of mind and spirit. Mixed media on watercolo paper 19 x 24 inches . 2018