Opere iscritte al Premio Ora

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Place of birth: Kavala
Date of birth: 09/02/84
works and lives at Kavala



“My art is the confession of my soul”  Aristotelis Deligiannidis.

My works are nothing else but  “traces” of my own “personal truth”.

Thalea Stefanidou  Greek art historian, curator wrote about Aristotelis . 33

“His work

is a painting of action,

A painting action.

A swiftly executed activity.

A bodily achievement”

but also a dispersion… of maneuvers…that bring forward an ethic and aesthetic attitude towards the permanent and the ephemeral, remembrance and oblivion, affirmation to life and the compelling need to find an instructions manual to go with it.”  88

The artist, on a daily basis, actively engages in many different actions-routines-exercises in order to physically, emotionally and mentally prepare himself to create his paintings. His work is his own  nonverbal  reaction to everything that is happening around him.  The energies that are being released are transformed into spontaneous movements on the canvas. Through his colors you hear the music in your eyes witness the soft whispering of the undertones and awe at the outcry of his bold gestures. The stories are rewritten this time on canvas and the moments are there forever – traces – of his own truth.  184

These are some  from   a series of twenty-five works Aristotelis completed during Spring 2017. In some of them the paint is not completely dry yet. They are all UNTITLED. There is a reason for this.  The truth has not completely unfolded – rather we catch a glimpse of it as the artist has recorded it in the specific moment of his painting action.  Some of the stories  being told are yet evolving and have not reached their completions. Life goes on. What is truer than this?

So, You are about to enter a sacred space containing TRUTH UNTITLED. Make it your own truth too!

Born  in 1984 in Kavala, Greece, where he lives and works. He studied Mathematics at the University of Ioannina, Greece (2001-2004).

Aristotelis Deligiannidis has participated in biennales and large scale exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He creates works on paper with markers and felt-tip pens, painting installations, canvases, artists books and multiples. In the Global Art Awards in Nov.2017 held in Burj Khalifa, Dubai he was in among the four finalists in the painting category.