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Eduardo Romaguera

Place of birth: España
Date of birth: 07/02/1976
works and lives at VAlencia

          "Life as an artist is intense, according to Eduardo Romaguera, from Valencia, Spain. ‘Art is marvellous, everybody should experience it. Doors are opened to dimensions with extraordinary poetical eradiation. Eduardo considers his work as a game, he plays with elements, some of them technical and very precize. There is a lot of humor in it. His artworks are open to numerous interpretations.


         Eduardo Romaguera , (Valencia, Spain, 1976)   Eduardo Romaguera, has been awarded several prestigious grants, one of the most important, “the Communities of Artistic Creation”, given by  of Mexico.  His reflexive proposals have been exhibited in Argentina, India, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A. and Spain.  He actively participate in several European University research groups focusing on new art techniques. Romaguera supports the creation of Independent Contemporary Art Spaces. Additionally.  He lives in Valencia, Spain.




(2002, Master´s Degree in Fine Arts by  Facultad de San Carlos de Valencia, Spain.)

In the search process Romaguera is looking for new solutions. He weaves, as it were, compositions out of signs. ‘Its is my particular way of doing things. You should note that this process of creating a painting is not immediately mechanical, it requires taking into account many different parameters simultaneously. The poetry unites them, makes them timeless and allows me to convey a thought in a transparant manner.’


         It’s difficult for Eduardo Romaguera to point out a key work. ‘I can safely say that there is no such work. In my working process many parameters are equally important and valid. So if talking about a key work the utmost you can say is that are several key works. Look at the paintings carefully, I would advise, see the form, see the paint, try to decipher it. The paintings speak their language and my poetic signature unites them.’


Solo Show

Mars 2018. Artbox gallery Zürich, The armony Show, Chelsea, New York. EEUU.

May 2017. Eurostars Hotels Gran Valencia, Grupo Hotusa. Dpto. Arte. Valencia, Spain.

December 2014.  Gallery Arps & Co‘The Rite of Spring’ Amsterdam, Holland.

March 2012. Gallery Cimaise. “Poems” 2012, Geneva. Switzerland.

January 2012, Gallery Andiamo, “Au Seuil du rêve”. Marseille, France.

November 2011, Gallery “Diseño al cubo”. Valencia, Spain.

October 2011, Gallery “Espacio La mutante”.Valencia. Spain

May 2011, “Espacio menosuno” - Project " Sobradamente instantáneo". Madrid. Spain

February 2001, Ca Revolta. "Body and architecture". Valencia. Spain.


Collective Show


Mars 2016, "Festival de la jeune photographie européenne" CIRCULATION(S) gifs animates, poems, CENTQUATRE-PARIS, PARIS-France. 

December 2015, "Art and Photography"(Scope see.me program). Miami, USA.

November 2015, Seoul New York Photo Festival, N.Y. USA.

October 2015, "The last picture show" Power House Arena, Brooklyn, N.Y USA.

March 2015, Tribute to Surrealism Exhibition, Tenerife Fine Arts Centre, Tenerife, Spain.

May 2015, Gallery H2O, IX Festival International  Video Art, Barcelona, Spain.

January - March 2015, Aula Cultura CAM La Llotgeta, Valencia. Spain.

June -2015, The louvre Paris, (Scope see.me program), Paris, France.

November 2014, Collective Palais Universitaire Strasbourg, France.

August 2014,  International contemporary art exhibition 2014. Jaipur, India.

August-2012, "Tu Berlin por mi Valencia", Asme gallery, Berlin, Germany.

December 2012, "The doors" Medellín Museum of Modern Art. Colombia.

November 2011,   “Container Inside”. Ciudad de la Cultura. - Galicia. Spain.

October 2011, Gallery Ar-cade. Marseille. France.

June 2011, Festival “Incubarte”(French institute). Photography. Valencia. Spain.

March 2011, Week of Contemporary Art 2011/Mar de plata, Argentina.

June 2008, Gallery " Rosalia Sender". Valencia. Spain.

March 2006, House of Culture of Victor de los Ríos. " Shade of artist". Santonya. Spain.
June 2005, House of culture of Alboraya, " Cervantes" (Organizes: The Knight of the White Moon-Vicente Chambó). Valencia. Spain.
February 2001, Museum of the atarazanas of Valencia. Spain.
July 1999, Gallery "culture home" Quart de Poblet. " Essence to piedra". Valencia. Spain.